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Kintex-7 MMP to ADC


I'm currently doing some prototyping with a K7 MMP from avnet, and the next part of my project requires an interface to an ADC.

My company currently has a Texas Instruments ADS54J54EVM, which uses a JESD204B interface.  That requires a rather large amount of GTX serdes compatible Rx lines, of which the Baseboard II has only 1 wired in (since the FMC connector is only configured for LPC).  For full bandwidth of the ADC, the XC7K325T-1FFG676 FPGA would have to use all 8 of its MGT RX differential pairs (which through the Baseboard II is wired into 4 PCIe lines, an SFP line, SMC connections, a Displayport line, as well as the previously mentioned line going into the FMC LPC connector).

Are there any development platforms out there for the K7 MMP that allows access to at least one or two lanes gtx data through a FMC HPC connection? I'm trying to avoid having to purchase another ADC.