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Microsemi FPGAs - How to reprogram SmartFusion/SmartFusion2 eNVM without Libero?

I have two customers that are developing applications for SoCs, one is SmartFusion and the other is SmartFusion2.  Both are finished with the hardware design and the designs have been handed over to software engineering to write the application code.  Both customers want to reprogram the eNVM for code changes without going into Libero (software types hate Libero).  In the past there was a tool called FlashPoint that worked with FlashPro to allow the user to change the .STP or .PDB file and reprogram just parts of the device.  The FlashPoint tool has been eliminated, or probably incorporated into Libero (even though the documents for both Libero 11.5 and FlashPro 11.5 still refer to FlashPoint).  If FlashPoint still exists outside of Libero I have not been able to find it.

So does anyone know how to create a programming file and reprogram just the eNVM for SmartFusion/SmartFusion2 without having to use Libero?