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Xilinx Kintex - Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration


I’m involved in the project where we should implement dynamic partial reconfiguration on the Xilinx Kintex FPGA. Initial configuration is done via the BPI interface from FLASH memory. For the dynamic reconfiguration ICAP is used. Whole project is built in the VIVADO tool with Partial Reconfiguration extension.

We are facing problems when we are not able to reconfigure the device, even the reading from the configuration FPGA register hang up the FPGA.

We went through the Xilinx documentation about partial reconfiguration we had been able to find. Unfortunately I’m not able to find any example project which could help a lot.

Is there anybody who has such a project and is willing to share it?



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Re: Xilinx Kintex - Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration

Hi KarLos,

XAPP1179 (Tandem Configuration over PCIe) comes with an example design and uses the ICAP to configure the part. It might be a good starting point.