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Connecting USB HS PHY (ULPI interface)

Is it possible to connect  USB HS PHY ULPI interface  (e.g. Microchip USB3300) to SmartFusion2 KiskStart Board?

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Re: Connecting USB HS PHY (ULPI interface)

The KickStart board does not use the SmartFusion2 USB interface and does not have an ULPI PHY.  One can connect a ULPI PHY to a SmartFusion2 device as per some of the Microsemi board reference designs (the M2S090 Eval Board uses the USB3320), but on this board the USB interface is taken to a quad USB to serial converter, so the SoC only sees a serial port and a JTAG interface.  If you look at the KickStart board schematic you will see that the multi-purpose I/O pins that can be used for a USB interface are taken to some of the PMOD connector pins, where they can be accessed.