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Android Support for WandCam

A few questions related to WandCam:


1. Is there an ETA for Android support for WandCam?

2. Will WandCam work with TechNexion's SOM solutions? Is it compatible with DualLite SOM solutions? 
3. Is it possible to participate in the effort to configure Android support for WandCam?

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Re: Android Support for WandCam

Hi Colin,


I don't have an ETA on Android support for Wandcam, unfortunately.  I depend on the guys at Wandboard to add that.  I can assure you that they have the hardware required to do it.


It should work just fine hardware-wise with TechNexion EDM SOMs, since they have the same pinout on the FFC connector.


I would love it if you wanted to help with Android support for Wandcam.   :-) 


What I would advise is that we take the discussion over to, though.  Most of the discussion regarding Wandcam is there or in the Wandboard Google Group.



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Re: Android Support for WandCam

Thanks John,


I appreciate your answer. It seems most people don't want to touch Android Camera HAL with a 10 foot pole.


I've already posted at under 'hardware and peripherals', and posted again today under 'Software - Android'. No replies so far to my question (or similar questions by others) so far,