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Creating Schematic Symbol



I am trying to create schematic Symbol in ISE from project davinci_coprocessor.

I succeed to create schematic Symbol from every HDL sources, that in the project. But when I creating schematic Symbol from Top I get warnings and errors. And in the created Symbol of top is just line with its name.

This is Example of warnings and errors, that I get:


WARNING:HDL Parsers:3498-

No primary, secondary unit in the file "C:/avnet_s3adsp..../rtl/vlynq/vlynq_v1_3.vhd". Ignore this file from project file "pepExtractor.prj".


ERROR: HDL Parsers:3528-

"C:/avnet_s3adsp..../rtl/picoblaze/KCPSM3.v". Line 6. Non-printing character is not allowed in extended identifier.


What is the problem?

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Re: Creating Schematic Symbol

The Create Schematic Symbol doesn't seem to like the "\" character.

This shows up in the ASCII Xilinx logo in the header of the source code.

   // Copyright (c) 2007 Xilinx, Inc.
   // This design is confidential and proprietary of Xilinx, All Rights Reserved.
   //   ____  ____
   //  /   /\/   /
   // /___/  \  /   Vendor:        Xilinx
   // \   \   \/    Version:       1.0.0
   //  \   \        Filename:      timing.v
   //  /   /        Date Created:  December 14, 2007
   // /___/   /\    Last Modified: December 14, 2007
   // \   \  /  \
   //  \___\/\___\


Unfortunately, the source code that is causing these errors originate from Xilinx.

Normally, these headers should be preserved for copyright reasons.


My only suggestion would be to delete these occurences of the "\" character in the source.





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Re: Creating Schematic Symbol

Thank you,

Your suggestion helped.

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Re: Creating Schematic Symbol

By the way can I see the connection between all the components Symbols in Symbol of Top?