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SDTV using EXP module



I would like to operate the tvp5150 on the exp, using microblaze.

I have downloaded "EDK Demos for the Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP 1800A Video Kit" and there is no demo for that.

I can only see the sdtv driver, and it's source code, but i do not understand how to operate it.

Inside xps, i am adding this core from the user ip catalog, and it is added but now what?







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Re: SDTV using EXP module



We do not have a reference design for the SDTV interface Iie. TVP5150) on the DRC.


Our Asia team created a De-Interlace IP core.

They have a bitstream which showcases this IP core and uses the TVP5150 input.

Contact your local FAE for more information on this design.