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SP3A Documentation


I am trying to get the Manual (or User Manual) and the schematic for the Spartan 3A Evaluation Kit. 

Got the AvProg_405 from this forum, but the links for the documentation of this board in the Avnet site are not working. 



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Re: SP3A Documentation

Hi gudovan,


I worked on this project with 


Can I ask what you are doing with this Evaluation board?  It is now 3 generations of Xilinx FPGA architecture old.


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Re: SP3A Documentation

Thanks Kevin!

I intend to use this board to debug a module where I have a lot of SPI devices which I need to monitor 24h/7d, in paralllel, and store some relevant data in a SD card timestamp.

This is the only (FPGA) board that I have where with the same cable able I am able to communicate with the board (uart to a soft processor), program the FPGA (or SPI Flash) and suply power do board itself! And I also did not needed to buy any other board to be able to connect gpio signals, or in my present case SPI interfaces, with jump wires to other boards/cards/modules.

Boards with FPGAs from Xilinx I also, personaly, own a Spartan6 base board (Atlys) and a Zynq based board (ZTurn) and for both of them I need to use a lot of diferent cables to work with the board and for GPIOs and/or slow digital interfaces to connect to other stuff I had to buy other small boards which expands their connectivity.

Unfortunatly, the only thing missing from this board is external RAM. But even whitout it, I can use the 4MB of the parallel Flash for instruction memory and 40KB for data memory; or maybe a small cache for instruction memory (8KB) and 32 for data memory...