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About number of ADC Chanell

hello, my question is that, there is just 2 chanell on DSP for ADC/DAC . if i want to convert 27 analog input from out world  how can i do this ?  








thank you.

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Re: About number of ADC Chanell

I'm not clear on what you're asking, but I think you may be referring to one of the FMC daughter cards for our Xilinx baseboards that is limited to 2-channels.  No way of changing that.  If you want to connect more ADC channels to an FPGA you'll need more ADC chips.   You might consider using the following MAXIM FMC that supports more ADC channels.



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Re: About number of ADC Chanell

Hello, if you need to convert 27 analog channels to digital you will need several ADC's.  
Also you did not mention sample rate or resolution.

The closest we have, that I know of, is the Maxim ADC EXP module.

It can take 8 analog inputs.   Still short of what you need.