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S6DEV-LX150T vs S6DSP-LX150T

Besides a device locked license for ISE DSP Edition vs ISE Logic Edition, are there any differences between the S6DEV kit and the S6DSP kit?


My understanding is that in order to use System Edition with System Generator DSP a user also needs a valid Matlab + Simulink license.  When I emailed support, I was told the kit does not come with any Matlab licenses. Does that mean that out of the box the DSP software/examples cannot be used?


We already have a full license for Logic Edition, so I'm trying to figure out if it would make more sense to buy a normal S6DEV board plus a System Generator DSP license to add to our Logic Edition rather than the S6DSP kit.





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Re: S6DEV-LX150T vs S6DSP-LX150T

Both kits come with the same Spartan-6 LX150T FPGA baseboard.  The additional cost of the S6DSP-LX150T kit comes from the upgraded software (IDS System Edition) and addition of cables, including a Xilinx USB-II JTAG programming cable.


The System Generator reference designs targeted for the S6DSP-LX150T require a valid MATLAB + Simulink license.  The correct versions are listed in this Xilinx Answer Record: