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Spartan 6 lx150t can't run the HDL generated by simulink


      I am a student, and touch the Spartan 6 lx150t the first time. my matlab is 2011b and the xlVersion command is

>> xlVersion
Available System Generator installations:
  Version 13.1.3561 in D:/Xilinx/13.1/ISE_DS/ISE/sysgen
Current version of System Generator is 13.1.3561.

and I did the simulink, use the demo in the simulink help,open the  fil_videosharp_sim.mdl, and

1. Open and Execute the Simulink Model
2. Generate HDL Code
3. Set Up Xilinx ISE Design Suite
4. Run FPGA-in-the-Loop Wizard
4.1 Hardware Options
4.2 Source Files
4.3 DUT I/O Ports
4.4 Build Options
5. Open and Complete the Simulink Model for FIL
6. Configure FIL Block
7. Run FIL Simulation


when in the step 4.4 Build Options it is required to choose the board,but I can't find the Spartan 6 lx150t, there is only lx45t, when I chose lx45t,these seven steps can be done,but  the demo can't run in the board, therer will be error in the attachments.

so what should I do ,thanks!

shadow, 2012.3.29