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UART - Any known issues?


Hi All,

I've installed the EtherCAT software and run through the install procedure. I have packet data being trasmitted between the PC and the board. The Ethernet side of things seems to be working okay. However, I can not get any of the UART based examples to work, i.e changing the status of the DIP switches, nothing displays on hyperterminal and no LEDs light up. I checked my system properties and the baud rate is 19200, COM5... Any pointers to test the UART or get this working?

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Re: UART - Any known issues?

A good test to make sure the UART and CP2102 PC drivers are working would be to download the factory test file or Embedded Example Design from the DRC for the S6LX150T board (  By the way, where do you have the USB UART cable plugged into the LX150T board?  You must use the JR1 connector for this.  I mention this because some folks have assumed the P1 connector is for the UART, but it isn’t.

Tom Curran