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Camera resolution settings Industrial Video Processing Kit

Hello all

As they mention in the Spartan-6 FPGA Industrial Video Processing Kit data sheet that it support VGA (620x480) resolution. How can I modify the design from 720p to VGA?


I mean from which IP I can do this modification as it says in the EDK Reference Design Tutorial (Page 48) that:

“This demonstration supports video capture at 1280x720P @ 30Hz and video playback at 1280x720P @ 60Hz. These resolutions are configured by the embedded processor (MicroBlaze) and can be modified to support other resolutions (limited by the image sensor used)."


I have tried in microblaze but couldn’t open the HDL source to do it. Please let me know in steps that how can I modify and then update the bit file I have been trying to modify the design over last 4 weeks but couldn’t do it please help me.


One more question after that I need to modify the code to get 160x120 resolution please guide me how to do that modification also in which IP. Please take in the account that I am really beginner.


If there is any tutorial please let me know.