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How to add a self-made sg-core to IVK-demo?



I'm a newbie in IVK,with the help of my friends I build a project with IVK camara frame buufer demo,and it works very well, the monitor display the pictures which the camera captured .

however,now ,I want to do some image process ,and then add it to the CAMERA FLAME BUFFER DEMO,and dispaly the processed images on monitor.

I used the Matlab simulink build a system generator model to processing the iamges,and it simulated well.

now I want to add it to the DEMO, I don't know where to add it ? what's more the model i builded with simulink is build to process one image,I don't know how to chage it to video singel.

I tried two ways,

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Re: How to add a self-made sg-core to IVK-demo?

I try to add my core here,

and I tryed to add it to the IVK DVI Processing Demo.

the iamge processing is iamge enhence ,edge detect and so on.

I wish to know how to add these iamge processing algorythm to the demo,

thx~~  may u  healthy and lucky!