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Info about Video kit

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Hi everyone,

I'm interested to buy this development kit but I need same info...


Acquiring a video of 640x400 pixels at 60 fps I have to manage a stream of 640 x 400 x 24 bit x 60 fps = 368 Mbit/sec. To send in real time this data stream outside the board (for example towards a PC) is possible to use sata, pci-express, usb or Gigabit Ethernet, right? For some reasons I must use only usb or Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.


Now my questions are:

1) If i use a microblaze processor to manage Gigabit Ethernet implementing an UDP protocoll, can I get the required speed?

2) Without microblaze, is there a VHDL template to implement UDP protocoll using Tri Mode Ethernet MAC core?

3) Using USB are there any VHDL templates? 


Thank you in advance




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Re: Info about Video kit



Q1) Streaming Video over Gbps ethernet (with MicroBlaze)

Please start with the "S6LX150T Embedded Example Design", available on the Avnet DRC page: => click the "Support Files & Downloads" button 

I do not have any benchmarks for UDP transfers with MicroBlaze


Q2) Streaming Video over Gbps ethernet (without MicroBlaze)

I don't know if there is a VHDL template to implement UDP using the TEMAC.

Have you considerred third-party solutions ?

- GigE for Machine Vision (FEITH Sensor to IMage GmbH)


Q3) Streaming Video over USB

Please take a look at the following Xilinx app note : XAPP997

It describes how to implement two USB example:

- USB mass storage (this example has been ported to the S6-LX150T board, and is available in the "S6LX150T Embedded Example Design")

- Endpoint Read Write (this example has not been ported to the S6-LX150T yet)