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VDMA Reference design

Hello community,


I have purchased a spartan6 video development kit, and I want to simple working VDMA reference design. Is there any?


I have developed an IP core that can generate a timing + test pattern, when it's directly connected to an HDMI controller, I can see the video as expected.


I'm trying to make use of Xilinx VDMA in a microblaze environment.


MY IP > v_vid_in_axi4s > VDMA > v_axi4s_vid_out > HDMI

                     \_______ timing_______/^


What's the proper VDMA paramters? Should I use FSYNC=0/1/3? What FLUSH should be set?


My IP generates a 60fps vide,  the write channel works at lower rate (~10fps), the write channel gets many errors:

EOLLate - SOFLate - EOLEarly - SOFEarly - DMAInt


How can I debug this?


Any tip is appreciated.



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Re: VDMA Reference design

The first place to look is the product page:


Click on Support File & Downloads to access the download page:

The "EDK Designs - DVI/Camera Video Processing and Frame Buffer"  link contains the frame buffer design examples.




There are no designs for the Spartan-6 Video Imaging and Processing Kit that make use of the AXI4-Stream adapter cores.


Take a look at the following product page: 


In the downloads section, there is a "Creating a Video Design from Scratch" tutorial, which describes how to configure the AXI4-Stream adapter cores, as well as the AXI_VDMA core.


Although this tutorial does not target the same hardware that you have, it will provide usefull information about the video cores.