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progarm fpga from prom

Hi ,


Im just trying to get my LX150T download.bit loaded to FPGA from Platform Flash on Power-UP.


After several tries, I come here to ask for help, as i can't get it work.


The process i have followed is the next 1:


- Generate my download.bit (OK, it's functionality has been previously proved)


- From the impact PROM File Formatter i select both PROM (xcf32p & xcf08p) , (I have tried with No Revision ).


- I select the downdload.bit and generate a cascaded .mcs files (2, one larger for the xcf32p and another smaller for the xcf08p).


- The next step is selecting the MCS files for each PROM memory and their configuration and M0&M1 Jumpers (JP2 pins it's default no jumpers).but it's not restart!


how to configuration for  LX150T??




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Re: progarm fpga from prom

When generating the PROM file:

1) Select Xilinx Flash/PROM in Step1.

2) In Step2 add the F08 device first followed by F32 (the order is important)

3) Select No Revisioning.



When programming the Flash devices:

1) Set the mode jumpers for Master SelectMap (no jumpers on JP2).

2) Leave the default PROM properties (only the "Erase Before Programming" and the "PROM is Slave, External Clock" boxes should be checked.

3) After programming power cycle the board and allow 20-30 seconds for FPGA configuration.