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AvProg can not find COM port

Hi all,


I have just connected up my board, installed the USB drivers and installed AvProg (4.0.5).  However it cannot find the COM port.  The twist is that I can find the COM port in a terminal program and receive data from the board.  Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?





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Re: AvProg can not find COM port

Hi Tim,


After installing AvProg to it's default location, the AvProg User's Guide entitled "Avnet_AvProg-UserGuide_v4_0_5.pdf" is located in one of the following folders depending upon the version of Windows being used:


C:\Program Files\Avnet\AvProg\Doc (Windows XP/Vista)


C:\Program Files(x86)\Avnet\AvProg\Doc (Windows 7)


This guide contains installation instructions for installing the software, Updating the USB driver, and a general use guide for AvProg.  There is also a section which contains suggestions for resolving known issues observed with AvProg.


After working through the instructions and known issues section within this guide, if you continue to have problems, would you please specify which version of Windows you are using as well as which COM port number the LX16 board is being listed as under Windows Device Manager (an example is shown in the attached image)?



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Re: AvProg can not find COM port

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I have encountered the same problem.

My operating system is Windows 7 integral ediction, service pack 1 (64bits).


I am using an LX16 eval board, try to install the S6LX16 Eval Board driver from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Avnet\AvProg\Driver\Windows path. By default it is installed on (COM3).

I always have the Error Code 10, whenever I plug or unplug the board as said in the Avnet_AvProg-UserGuide_v4_0_5_1.pdf.

Usb led is switched on.


Thank you in advance for help.





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Re: AvProg can not find COM port

In case one day someone would meet the same case than me, I had to move a switch on the borard from 'Charge' to 'On' position

Now It works...


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Re: AvProg can not find COM port

You have to start the Avprog, click options then comm, while keeping SW1 in Charge position. Now move sw1 to ON position.

The correct comm port number should show up in a few seconds.