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FPGA and PSoC communication over SPI


As per board's guide there is SPI inerface between PSoC and FPGA. FPGA is also connected to a FLASH by SPI.

So, how do we know that we are transferring data to PSoC or FLASH?

I want  to transfer data from FPGA to PSoC throught SPI.

I configured project in EDK. There is only SPI_FLASH IP core.

So can I not transfer data to PSoC using this SPI core?

Is there additional configuration to connect FPGA to PSoC by SPI?

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Re: FPGA and PSoC communication over SPI

There are 2 different SPI interfaces on the LX16 Eval Board.


1. FPGA-to-Flash, with PSoC connected to CLK and DIN

  • This allows the Flash to configure the FPGA
  • Also allows the PSoC to configure the FPGA through the Slave Serial Port
  • FPGA may also program the Flash, in which case the PSoC ignores the signals on the CLK and DIN

2. FPGA-to-PSoC

  • The 4 SPI signals are interconnected
  • FPGA design would need IP added for a SPI controller
  • PSoC design would have to be manipulated to set up the SPI interface as a slave.