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Avnet Pci express pio demo v1.3 problem

Hello Sir,


    i installed new windows embedded standard 7 os and reinstall pci demo but pci demo is not working and give following msg error

 - The parameter is incorrect

 - cannot obtain handle, device driver is not running

  So how to get pcie express driver and install it. 



Bela vaidya


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Re: Avnet Pci express pio demo v1.3 problem

This message indicates that the software driver is not loaded and running.  Download the "S6LX75T PCIe Programmed I/O Example Design" from the "Support Files & Downloads" page for the Spartan-6/Nano-ITX Development Kit ( for instructions on how to install the PCIe PIO demo software application and driver into WES7 running on the NITX board.





Tom Curran