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FMC connector on LX75T board



I have a question about the FMC connector on your LX75T.

This connector is not positioned at the card edge, but according to your site, it is “card edge aligned”.

The manual on the site does not mention the position of the FMC connector at all.

Does “card edge aligned” mean it is raised high enough to allow a second board to lie on top of the LX75T board? I believe my second board would then be positioned over the upper left side of the board (when the PCIe connector is at the bottom).

I want to use a Cypress FX3 DVK board, with bridge board to FMC. The bridge board is obviously meant for FPGA boards with their FMC connector at the edge of the card.

I have attached a picture of this board.

Do you think this will work?


Regards, Matt