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IVK libraries for S6LX75T

I have S6LX75T development board and FMC image OV card with dual omni camera.

I mentioned that SP605 video kit have IVK libraries to demonstrate the FMC image OV card to display camera captured images.


Can't I use or modify this IVK libraries for S6LX75T board ?


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Re: IVK libraries for S6LX75T



The S6-LX150T based reference designs contain pcores that are targetted for the Spartan-6.

These pcores can be used for the S6-LX75T board.


I do not have a design for the S6-LX75T + FMC-IMAGEOV hardware combination ready off the self.


You will have to modify the UCF file for the new pin locations.

There may also be changes related to the main on-board oscillator, and the on-board I2C chain.