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CC3000 reference design hangs at wlan_start(0)

I tried to execute the reference design of CC3000 PMOD Wifi module with Spartan 6 LX microboard. Demo server works when I burn the flash image provided by the reference design. But whenever I try to run the C code provided by the reference design , the application hangs at wlan_start(0) , mainly because it does not get interrupt back from the module. Can somebody out here help me ? Is there anyone who has tried this and became succesful? 




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Re: CC3000 reference design hangs at wlan_start(0)

from SFE_CC3000.cpp is blocking indefinitely. This line is invoked by using wi-fi connection is not my domain of know-how and that i would like to recognise if that is a software program or compatibility issue (none of your examples work because all of them require wifi.init()) might you be kind sufficient to take a look at this issue