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Get 5V output from LX9 microboard

I need to power a circuit from my microboard FPGA board. It requires 5V of power. Is it possible to get 5V power output from PMOD connectors. 




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Re: Get 5V output from LX9 microboard

Hi Abhishek,

I do not know of any way to get 5V power from the Pmod connectors as they are supplied with a 3.3V supply only.

However, if you are handy with a soldering iron, you could possibly tap into the +5VUSB net on the MicroBoard at the D13 (or D16) cathode pad on the board and run a wire off the board to your external circuit board.  I have attached some images to show where you can solder the wire into the LX9 MicroBoard.  Keep in mind that this will of course void your warrenty, but this is sometimes the cost of very creative engineering work.

Just be sure that any I/Os that you have connected from your other circuit to the LX9 MicroBoard are 3.3V logic compatible.  Using 5V logic on the Spartan-6 LX9 device will likely damage the device since the voltage levels exceed the rated maximums for this FPGA.



LX9 5V Tap D13.png
LX9 5VUSB D13.png