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How to design Rx pin on PMOD?

I am still finding it hard to recieve the data from Bluetooth.

Bluetooth has Rx pin which i have connected to the PMOD pin 7 of spartan6 LX9 board.

How am i supposed to read the serial data of the bluetooth?

plz help.

(new to the board and VHDL)

to understand what my problem is here are the details:

what i want to do : Rcv the signal from BT on board and if the signal is '1' then LED D2 should glow else if '2' is rcvd LED D3 should glow.

Connection : BT module's Rx pin is connected to the PMOD pin no 7 (J5)

Plz Help 

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Re: How to design Rx pin on PMOD?

I also need help with this. Anyone with help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.