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LX9 not recognized in Windows - anything else to try?

Hello all,

I'd love some ideas on what else I can do to get my system to just recognize the LX9 Microbard. I got it from another engineer, so it's not factory fresh. I plug it into my USB port, and get lights (D7 is geen, D1 blue, two small red LEDs).

I installed Digilent Adept and the Digilent USB driver but it says "No Devices Connected", and I also tried the Factory Test Flash Loader that has some files like an .mcs and uses SFUtil  but it also fails. And, related, but following this guide, I get an error "unable to open device "odp"".


I installed the ISE Design Suite 14.5 and I use iMPACT but it cannot find the cable. Note I don't have a *cable*, I'm just directly plugged into USB via the front USB A connector. I tired all this with a cable though.


I have Vivado installed - does that mess it up?

The USB "badump" Windows sound is not heard - this is a bad sign, as I think I don't have a driver

I connect to the microUSB on the back, get the 'badump' sound, but this is just for UART comms, correct? Nothing seems to be coming out of it.

Licensing is provided via my company, I don't have an LX9 specific license. Does that mean I can't run EDK items? What is EDK?

I am quite green to all this FPGA programming, so feel free to dumb it down.


ANY ideas would help. I can buy a new LX9, but 8 week lead time really hurts me, as my deadline is in 6 weeks Smiley Happy

Thank you!

- Rick


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Re: LX9 not recognized in Windows - anything else to try?

I think you should download usb driver(Lx9 microboard) from Avnet。