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I downloaded the tutorial pdf with bootloader of spartan 6 ,as per the document i just configured spi in edk i dont get to see the options SPI_HOLDn and 
SPI_Wn,but instead of it i find the SCk,MOSI,MISO, can i use the options for spi instead of specifies in document.So i tried to implememt  the same code in Spartan-6 XC6SLX45 will there be any difference in generating bootloader with serial flash.I just want to configure ethernet so insted of hello world i used a lwip c files with echo given by sdk example and included lwip in the project but not xilisf  and in boot loader i dint select lwip but xilisf is selected with its configurations just i want to ping the board with its IP assigned and the port   i want to know does this work???

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Whether for an LX9 or LX45, setting up the SPI flash and bootloader should be the same procedure.


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I have tried the same solution as lx9 as user bit streams are differnt and LX45 includes 23 sectors as in flash as it ocupies around 1500Kb .so i treis the same by adding the flash address in bootloader + some offset and then i followed the steps as per documnet the while entering an address i enteed it as 0x170000 .But some times i am seeing error as id not matching .and if its matching also its giving me SREC Line error . and as given in bootloader which is given by avnet in the zip downloaded its

written that

10.The SPI Flash will also contain the bitstream file for the FPGA. Based on the Spartan-6 Configuration User Guide, the LX9 bit has a size of 2,724,832 bits (322 KB). The Micron Flash contains 256 64KB sectors. The bit file will use the first 6 sectors of the Flash. The application can be stored starting at the 7th sector.

11. In SDK, open the blconfig.h file.
The file contains the Flash memory offset for the stored SREC application. In the next section, we will use iMPACT to store the application at 0x060000.
12. Change the value to 0x060000
13. Save the file.


The above points are for LX9

For LX45

LX45 bit size is 11,939,296 bits as per ug380 (1458Kb)    ==23 sectors*64kb=1472KB .



Now my doubt is the blconfig.h

1.what adress should i mention is it the SPI flash instance adress ( Base addres)

Changing the value to sector 25 location and saving the file.


If posssible please do send the correct seps if what i am doing is wrong.



 I have attached my code + a screen shoot of error i am getting below.


If possible please do share me the code so that i can check and any mistake and rectify it the code for spartan6 lx9+SPI bootloader with LPDDR attched to it.

 Please do the needfull.

can you please provide me a better solution??