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How to recover u-boot?

Is there any place where I can GET u-boot image to recover this board? is useless:

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Re: How to recover u-boot?

Hi buravW,


I have attached the factory image for U-Boot which you can program the factory default UBL and U-Boot images into the SPI flash using the TI SFH utility.  


To do this programming in production, we download a "helper" U-Boot via URAT boot mode so you will need to first set your boot mode jumpers to UART boot mode (DIP S7, pins 7 and 8 ON).


Since the board USB-UART gets enumerated as COM3 on that PC, we specify COM3 when running the SFH utility through this command:


sfh_OMAP-L138.exe -p COM3 -flash ubl_OMAPL138_SPI_MEM.bin u-boot-2009.1.1.bin


Once the SFH programming is complete, configure the 8-pos DIP switch for ARM SPI1 boot mode S7 as follows:  Switch 1 on, all others OFF.


Hope that this is helpful,