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TI OMAP/Spartan-6 FPGA Co-Processing Development Kit - Some doubts before buying the board



I am new member and totally new to this area. I am planning to use TI OMAP/Spartan-6 FPGA Co-Processing Development Kit for data acquisition project. I need advise/help before buying it to make sure this is the right board for my project.


I am developing a data acquisition unit with 8 channel, 50 MHz, 12 bits resolution A/D converter. TI OMAP/Spartan-6 Kit has Spartan-6 FPGA and OMAP-L138 SOM, it has FMC connector as well.


According to the given website, high speed ADCs can be connected to Xilinx FPGA via High Speed ADC to FMC (Xilinx) Header Adapter Card.


Can you tell me if it is possible to connect ADS5282EVM with OMAP/Spartan-6 FPGA Co-Processing Development Kit via FMC (Xilinx) Header Adapter Card ?




High Speed ADC to FMC (Xilinx) Header Adapter Card:


Another thing is about transferring data from FPGA to OMAPL138. I plan to sample at 20 MHz with 12 bits resolution, so 240Mbps data need to transfer to OMAPL138 which is only possible via uPP. 


Is FPGA-OMAPL138 uPP interface already made in the board ? I mean, can FPGA transfer data to OMAPL138 without making any physical connection ? One main reason to buy this Kit is to skip the effort of making physical connection between uPP and FPGA which will be required if I buy OMAPL138 and FPGA board separately. I hope you got my point here.


Is the sample code to transfer data from FPGA to OMAPL138 is available ?


Do you provide any discount for Universities ? 


I look forward for your detailed answer.