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direct programming SPI flash

I can't program SPI flash U43 in direct mode on Avnet Spartan-6/OMAP-L1x Co-Processing Development Kit thru XILINX_PROGRAM_HEADER J9 by flying wire adaptor of xilinx platform cable usb 2 as described in XAPP951. IMPACT 13.3 can not find the SPI flash memory. P.S. but I was able to program in IN-direct mode as described in Xilinx XAPP974. But is very slowly. OS windows 7 x64. iMPACT supports Spansion S25FLxxP SPI ( have any ideas?
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Re: direct programming SPI flash

What version of the tools are you using?

Direct SPI via the GUI is an obsolete solution in iMPACT 12.1. To use this feature revert to 11.4.