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GPS Modules

Do you have a recommendation for a GPS module with very high tracking sensitivity and low power consumption?
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Re: GPS Modules

Embedded Works offers the Leadtek 9023 using the Mediatek MTK3329 chipset. The tracking sensitivity is specified at -165dBm and the power consumption is low (33mA while tracking).
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Re: GPS Modules

After my brain engaged, I thought also that you might want to see if Navman or Leadtech is also starting to implement the SirfStar4 chipset which has the ability to tailor it's current draw from 50uA to 500uA depending on need.  Acquires to -160dBm and tracks to -163dBm. Seems interesting anyway. Sirf supplies a lot of oems and you would think that there would be useful info, but alas mostly just propaganda. Good luck. Support is critical.

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Re: GPS Modules

Delorme also has some good options.  Take a look here

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