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Problem in generating various sampling frequencies from 4DSP FMC150 High Speed ADC/DAC card



We are working on the Xilinx FPGA Virtex 6 ML605 Board.

We have connected high speed ADC/DAC FMC150  card of 4dsp to the LPC (Low Pin Count) connector of ML605 Board and trying to generate 10MHz, 20MHz and 40MHz frequencies from CDCE72010 of 4DSP high speed ADC/DAC card. We are using reference design of Avnet for that.


We have following queries:

1.       On FMC150 card a default saw oscillator (VS 705) of 491.52MHz with CDCE72010 is connected. In the reference design, register of CDCE72010 are configured through .Coe file where all register value are defined. By using the default .Coe  file ("cdce72010_init_int_491_52MHz.coe"), we are not getting the exact frequencies, we want for the design.

How to configure these registers(i.e. register value in .Coe file)  to generate 10MHz, 20MHz, & 40MHz?

2.       Is the oscillator VS 705 can be tuned to 400MHz , as it is desired VCO frequency to generate above required frequencies?

3.     If 2nd process is not possible then, tell me how we can use the external clock for that?