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Virtex 6 DSP Kit getting started problem

Good afternoon,


I just got my new Virtex 6 DSP Kit but I'm having some trouble.

The USB Flash Drive and CompactFlash came both Corrupted. From the USB Flash Drive I can't even open the pdf files, it says that they are corruped. The CompactFlash gave directly ERROR since the first trial. I have already check online and it looks common that this card has problems... I have copied all the data inside, and formatted exatly how is on  and copied again the files to the card, but still without results... The ERROR LED continuous on.

Furthermore, I have tryed to test the FMC150 Board. I tryed both virtex6dsp_rtl_reference_design_tutorial_13_1 and virtex6dsp_getting_started_reference_design_13_1 without sucess.

All my "sinus" waves are just noise...

I would like to perform all hardware tests to the board before I try to program something by myself, to make sure the the board is ok...

I have installed already diverse versions of the ISE Design Suite. I first had the 14.7, but as it was not working I decided to install the version of the examples. So I have also tryed with version 13.1 and 13.4.

I have checked also here in the forum, as there were also more people with the same problem, however it is still not working with my board...


ML605 Rev. E

ISE Design Suite: 13.1; 13.4; 14.7


Thanks in advance,

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