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Visibility issues, Windows 8 Toolbar & Format-bar


I have checked the forum for this topic without finding an answer.
I downloaded OpenOffice 4.1.1 onto my Windows Vista computer. The tiny icons of the Toolbar and the Format-bar are dark, sharp and clearly visible. I made no special adjustment. 
I took this same download to a friend's place and installed it on her Windows 8 computer. It works perfectly except that the icons of the Toolbar and Format-bar are so faint that it is difficult for me to see them, and especially so for my friend, with aged eyes. However she would be able to distinguish the icons if they were the same as mine are on Vista. The icons seem to be drawn in light blue "pen" using a dotted line. It is especially bad for Font Colour, Highlighting and Background Colour icons which can only be distinguished by using the roll-over. 
Can anything be done to improve the visibility of the icons?

Any help will be apprecited.

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