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AES-BCM4343W Status



I have a customer interested in the AES-BCM4343W.  What is the status of this product now that Cypress has the WICED IOT devices?  Also my customer wants to know when the Bluetooth SIG QDID number would be available, the datasheet currently says pending on this?



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Re: AES-BCM4343W Status

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The AES-BCM4343W-M1-G module is in full production and is supported by both Cypress WICED SDK and ZentriOS SDK development tools.

The regulatory certifications are completed (FCC, IC, CE, ROHS) but it will be a number of weeks before the Bluetooth SIG QDID is available (we are stiil at early stage of the process to submit this) 


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Re: AES-BCM4343W Status

Peter, What is the module’s QDID and Declaration number? Thanks, Rob
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Re: AES-BCM4343W Status

The module is in volume production and we have stock here in the USA (7500+ pieces on hand)


FCC certification
Details are here:


BT SIG certification 
This still pending (no BT SIG QDID yet) 


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