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Avnet Employee (Regular Contributor)
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LTE Band 14 - Public Safety Communications Band (FirstNet)

Hi team,

I am working with a customer on a public safety radio and they will need to communicate using LTE BAND 14. This is in the general 700MHz-800MHz band. This is in addition to normal LTE operation.

They will consider chip level and modules level solutions.

I am talking to Quectel who is considering support in the future for this.

Not sure about WNC as we just starting looking at thsi since it is used oin the Avnet ATT/IOT kit.

Digi does not support Band 14 today.

If anyone has any other ideas on this Band 14 LTE support or woudl like to share other ideas/findings from yoru own LTE designs with respect to filters, antennas (I found Molex 146200) RF components, certification needs, etc. it would be helpful.