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M14A2A command reference

(I am cross posting this because it isn't clear if anyone from Avnet is actively monitoring the Avnet AT&T Cellular IoT Starter Kit support forum at

i intend to begin prototyping use of the avnet wistron M14A2A shield with my own MCU.
I will at first be communicating with it via UART, but would like to shift to using I2C if indeed that's a viable communications option.
The first thing I will need, of course, is the command interface. I have searched AT&T's, Avnet's, and Wistron's websites for doc, and I've searched Github for repo's with sample code, but have come up empty. I even tried Altair's website thinking that perhaps it's the FourGee-1160 that provides the API. Again, I struck out.
Can you please supply some links here for M14A2A so that I can look at the complete command set available via UART, and info about how to command the module via i2c if that is indeed possible? Also, can you provide links to example code assuming such code is available?

Thank you.