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Proprietary RFID solution from NXP, Atmel or ST?

Hello team:

I’m wondering if you can help me get in touch with someone at NXP, Atmel or ST with expertise in RFID/NFC.  One of our customers, Honeywell Security in Wisconsin, looking to ideally have a phone conversation or conference call that I can host, to discuss a new proximity card that would be proprietary to Honeywell.

 Can you help me out?  The various field resources in our market that I’ve touched base with have not been available or able to help so far.

I've touched base with SMARTRAC and they can implement whatever Honeywell wants, but they can't help define it for Honeywell.


Honeywell Security is trying to define a new format for cards for Honeywell customers, prox/smart cards. 

RFID cards technology interest.  Card manufacturer asking about information from Honeywell on pre-amble. 

He wants to know “What does the preamble do and what does it do for you?”  He contacted SMARTRAC and they’re asking him this question.  Engineer at Honeywell is familiar with RFID technology and knows how to frame data for this technology.  He’s familiar with RFID products from NXP and Atmel. 

He asked me “Who sets the preamble and what are the care-abouts?”

Engineer would like to know how would Honeywell specify a new format and what would be the associated preamble requirements?

I think he wants to understand this better and be able to communicate their requirements with SMARTRAC. 

Is there someone that we can contact or ideally hold a call with from any of our RFID component suppliers and Honeywell Access Systems?

SMARTRAC is on our line card, so we could feasibly track this to some revenue with SMARTRAC and the RFID chip supplier with Honeywell.


Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks again!


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