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JTAG USB Not found

I just got a Kintex-7 FPGA DSP Development Kit with High-Speed Analog and I'm trying to get it set up.  I've installed the card in a PCI bus on a linux machine (CentOS 6 x64) and hooked up power and the USB JTAG interface.


Initially when setting up the card I used a 6 pin molex connector, rather than the 4 pin -> 6 pin converter that was provided with the board.  The machine wouldn't boot with this setup and I quickly realized my mistake, but Im not sure if this could have caused any damage.


Now I've got everything working, I've installed Xilinx ISE, and the Adept runtime, utitlity and plugin and I'm attempting to just get through the quickstart in the manual (install and run the demo).  Unfortunately ChipScope isnt recognizing the JTAG interface.  I've also tried running "djtgcfg enum" which should list the available JTAG interfaces, but nothing is found:


# djtgcfg enum

No devices found


LEDs are lit up on the board, and it is recognized by lsusb:


# lsusb

[...other output removed for clarity ...]

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0403:6010 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT2232C Dual USB-UART/FIFO IC


although it's a little concerning that the ID is just FTDI FT2232C instead of "avnet" or "xilinx" or something


Does anybody have any idea what's wrong here?  I've spent a bunch of time fiddling with drivers but I'm kind of out of ideas, and I'm afraid that my initial stunt with the 6 pin molex connector may have fried something - is that possible?