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Hi.  I'm posting for comments as well as an FYI to others who might need to support one of these Avnet Eval Kits.  In this case the customer is evaluationg the ADI, AD9680 ADC with JESD204B.



So Analog Devices also has bare-metal (no Linux) software available:

I had to download about 10 .c files, and now have a very basic interface

to the ADC.

No UI or graphical display of the data captured.

A far cry from the AD7760 eval board (which Andrew was evaluating), that

came with Windows software, and displayed "dancing FFTs" on the screen

in minutes.

I suppose the highspeed ADC eval boards are different beasts, but I was

expecting a similar speed in getting the JESD204B eval kit up and running.

I just don't know if what I had to do (and am doing) is "normal."


The difficulties encountered were:

1) no information of any kind was included in the kit describing how to

setup and run the kit!

2) I had to build the bitstream from Analog Device's HDL repository:

which involved downloading an older version of Vivado (2014.4.1),

setting up a new Vivado license server (because of new Vivado licensing;

but that was an issue on our end),

building 50 (or more) Vivado sub-projects manually (I think there was a

script for Linux boxes, but we run Windows)!

3) Now building the software to interface with the bitstream.

The bare-metal turned out to be simple (only about 10 .c files were needed)

But for a fuller eval of the ADC, I will attempt to build Linux and run

that on the JESD204B eval kit.

Certainly not what I expected when I bought an "eval kit."

I hope my experience can make your product better.

- I

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> Subject: Re: JESD204B eval kit

> I continue to be amazed at how difficult evaluating the AD9680 adc

> continues to be.

> We bought the JESD204B eval kit from Avnet more than a month ago, and I

> still haven't got it working.

> I only just managed to build the HDL code for the combination (Xilinc

> KCU105 fpga board + Analog Devices FMCDAQ2 eval board) with code

> provided by Analog Devices, only now to realize that that project does

> not include any software!

> I have to _build Linux_ and install it onto the KCU105 fpga board?

> Couldn't Avnet, who assembled the kit, include all the necessary

> bitstream & software pre-built on a CD or SD card?


> Is this really how the kit is supposed to work?