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KC705 DSP Reference Design: No PLL Lock , No MMCM_ADAC Lock

I've programmed the bit file associated with the reference design and am expecting to see LEDs 4 - 7 light up to indicate that the various PLLs are locked.

The only LED indicator that I see is the lock signal from the MMCM that is generating the system clock (Led 6).

I suspect the problem has to be related to how the FMC card interfaces with the KC705 motherboard, because the 3 LEDs that are not lit indicate performance of devices that are located on the FMC card (or are driven by a clock from the FMC card) -- CDCE PLL, ADC Auto Calibration, MMCM_ADAC (clkin from ADC).

Things I've checked:

1.  I am getting a good connection between the FMC card and the motherboard.  The board is seated firmly and Power LEDs are on on the FMC and KC705.

2.  The Switch 11 settings are in their default mode.

Has anyone seen this before?

Are any settings needed other than the default KC705 settings? (found in Appendix A here:

Thanks in advance!