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Kintex 7 DSP kit w/ FMC 150 example files


I`m new to FPGA and I have been trying to learn with System Generator (SG) from Xilinx. My final goal is to be able to use the Kintex 7 and the FMC 150 daughter card using the SG. Could anyone share some example files? Especially using the IOB pads for the gateways to read and send data to the FMC 150. Just some simple examples would be great so I can progress in my learning.

I tried the files provided by MathWorks but they are not working perfectly and neither has exactly what I want. I contacted MathWorks and they said it needs to be updated.

Thank you very for much for the attention.

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Re: Kintex 7 DSP kit w/ FMC 150 example files

Have you found any?

I am also trying to find these files, no example yet, the website for\k7dspkit is not working, so I have not idea where to find those reference files.